Mid Century Modern Art Print by Jenny Gray

mid century prints modern wall art

An Immortal Houseplant  Amidst the wide world of new pandemic hobbies - puzzling, banana bread baking, bangs-trimming, etc… my favorite above all others is caring for my growing collection of houseplants. I know I’m not alone in this as shops in my area see an increase in sales and friends share more photos of their greenery-laden living rooms. 

I love caring for a living object, watching it grow, and adding a touch of tranquility to my space. From a decor perspective, the possibilities for grouping and styling are endless, and as the plant grows, the visual evolves!  The plants I’ve found to be the most resilient, and look great in a mid century modern room are: monstera, snake plants, and umbrella plants. I am a sucker for succulents too. (See what I did there?)

This newfound love of houseplants is the inspiration behind my new series of art prints: Modern Leaves.

Invite a splash of green into your space and enjoy the benefits of houseplants without worrying about watering and repotting. Unlike my ponytail palm, who’s leaves are starting to look a little crispy, MODERN LEAVES will stay beautiful and fresh forever.

mid century house plantsmid century house plant printsmodern houseplant art print
Available in grey sets of 2, grey sets of 3, green sets of 2 and single prints in black and citron.

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