Embracing Your Modern Home in 2021

mid century prints modern wall art

With the start of the new year moving further away in our rear view mirrors, it’s a good time to set the tone at home for 2021! We’re still spending more time at home: working, socializing, and relaxing. Surrounding yourself with decor, colors, and art you love is a must!

We’re also inviting others into our home virtually quite often, from zooming into a conference call in your home office to face-timing your family in the dining room.  Why not create a backdrop to showcase a bit of mid century modern art for your virtual guests!? 

My Mid Century Abstract print sets offer you an easy display option with 2-3 prints coordinating beautifully. This set pairs wonderfully with Scandinavian and mid century modern wood furniture. 

These print sets are my most popular, and I think I know why: versatility and contrast. 

 You see these elements in the use of:

  • warm and cool colors
  • chunky shapes playing against thin lines
  • curves and straight edges
  • Textures that add interest and work well against the white space
Modern abstract art print

I see these prints placed often in customers’ mid century living rooms, but they also work well as an over the bed display, and as dining room wall decor.  The colors pick-up wood tones wonderfully and have a variety of tones to coordinate with pillows and accents!

Whether you have a small nook in your modern bathroom for a petite set of two, or an expansive wall in your home office where a large set of three serves as your zoom backdrop, I have framing and purchase options that will compliment your space beautifully.

Enjoy the versatility, calm, and intrigue of this collection in your home - and make my day!

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