Colorful Abstract Wall Art: Looking Through The Glass

Colorful abstract art mid century prints

Drawing inspiration from my collection of vintage colored glass (and a bowl of fruit!), Translucence is colorful, a lively and charming modern abstract print. Seeing the sunlight come in through the windows and play within my glass collection is quite a sight. With Translucence, I wanted to capture that abstract beauty so that you can enjoy it in your home without hunting down colored glass, or making the trip to my house. (Maybe post-pandemic.)

I see this print living in your kitchen or dining room; any place where lively conversation and color are encouraged. With the overlapping shapes and variation of transparencies, this piece shows wonderful range in color, light and movement. It brings a bit of fun along with it, like the quintessential midcentury interiors we all enjoy.

Stop and stare for a moment. You may just take in a different color each time you look at it!

mid century modern art glasscolorful kitchen wall art

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